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Why Should I Test My Internet and Wifi Speed

wifi speed test

In a perfect globe, your online connect would forever be at its high speed, and you would never experience any connectivity and slowdown problems. Unluckily, we do not live in such a world. Anyway, we do live in a globe where increasingly many activities depend on a quick wifi speed, and where internet service providers generally promise one thing and deliver something fully different.

wifi speed test

Here are our top reasons why you should regularly do wifi speed test:

Pick the best internet service provider

The internet service provider has had its advantages and disadvantages, but its full revenue has grown over the past 5 years. Our reliance on the internet and latest technology increasing day by day, no doubt, internet usage peaked during the covid-19, promoting action from those in administration positions.

With so many choices for service, it may be hard to decide which ISP is excellent for you, your family, or your business to decide always use Wifi speed test website or tool.

Get what you are paying for

Internet service providers strongly compete for customers, and their marketing departments are famous for promising more than they can deliver. Even if you pick a reputable internet service provider, you might end up experiencing domestic connectivity problems. By performing an internet speed test, you can make sure that you are getting what you are paying for and have concrete proof in case you are not.

Optimize your network

Most vitally, you should do regular internet speed tests using the top internet speed test service or site.

What influences Wifi speed?

The key thing that influences your online speed is your internet activity. You might be shocked by just how much of your bandwidth can even a single HD online video tape, not leaving much for browsing the web or downloading files from the online world. The same can be said about the internet activity of other people who are on the same network as you. Unless you are lucky enough to have a fiber optic link, you cannot reasonably expect to play through internet games without any lag when several other people on your network are in the middle of a Netflix video. When it comes to wireless links, the placement and configuration play a vital role. Unless you use a program tool for wireless network assessment, surveys and scanning to confirm that your wireless router can cover all parts of your home with a powerful and stable wireless signal, you may run into dead zones.